About Us


Kussum Mahotsav TSA 2018 is one of the largest festivals of its kind in the Tri-State area featuring 70+ outstanding Hindustani classical and semi-classical musicians and dancers representing major classical dance forms from all over India. This festival is a celebration of the excellence, commitment, and dedication of the amazing musicians and dancers in the Tri-State area and North America; our rich Indian heritage; and our traditional Indian performing arts. The span of 2 weekends in September; 7,8,9 and 13, 14, 15, 16, is not enough…….there are so many fantastic performers I am unable to include in this festival, my apologies.

While most of the artists are from the Tri-State area, the festival is well represented by legends from India, and amazing artists from other parts of USA and Canada. Hosted in a temple setting, the festival will entertain hundreds of music and dance lovers with 60+ hours of programming, 55+ approximately 1-hour concerts, and with authentic vegetarian Indian Food and beverages at and from the temple Cafeteria.  
Please do not miss 12-15 brilliant student performances,15-20 minutes each, on Thursday, September 13 th . This festival is about them, the next generation of Americans who are demonstrating
deep commitment to the Indian performing arts. Let me express my deepest gratitude to all the artists, senior and junior, for accepting my invitation to perform at Kussum Mahotsav TSA 2018. Tri-State area has world class Indian musicians and dancers. Many of them are routinely invited to India to perform at major venues and festivals. The difference in quality of musicians and dancers from India and from North America, lately, except for a few legends, is hardly noticeable.

Some of the best performing artists now call North America their home, or second home. I believe, it is time we value ourselves. It is time we value our local amazing musicians and dancers! It is time we hold many such festivals throughout the year and actively demonstrate our support to these performing arts and the artists who have committed their lives to the preservation of our rich heritage, by showing up in large numbers and buying the tickets for their shows. I know we all care; but, it is time we show we care. Let such festivals provide us an opportunity to get together, in person (not in any electronic media); enjoy what we say we love the most – our Indian classical and semi-classical music and dance, together; and spend a fraction of what we spend on Broadway shows and dinners in NYC, in preserving our heritage,
encouraging our young, and being a part of a 7-days long festival, Kussum Mahotsav TSA 2018!!! Please don’t forget to meet our artists during the festival, especially our exceptional little champs, and tell them how much you enjoyed their performance. That is all they need…….a sincere and spontaneous “kya baat hai….” And a honest applause. Please be generous in both……That keeps them going….

I want to sincerely thank each loving member of the Sri Venkateshwara Temple leadership who were very kind and generous in welcoming me and supporting Kussum Mahotsav at this beautiful venue and setting. I especially want to thank my true friends Priti & Ajoy Joshi for their positive SPIRIT and encouragement!! One important note, there are only 200 seats in the auditorium, and all tickets for each day will be sold in a matter of 5 to7 days after this launch; so, please book your tickets immediately. I guarantee you, there will be no tickets left on September 7 at the door. Let us support our performing arts and artists!!! Buy your ticket now!! I am donating all my time associated with Kussum Mahotsav TSA 2018 over a period of about 6 months, for one reason – I love our artists, and I believe in them and their hard work!! Financially speaking, if there is any excess after covering honorariums and expenses, it will be distributed back to the artists in equal proportion – they deserve it; if there is any shortage/loss, it will all
be mine!!! In that spirit, if you wish to support the festival in any form other than the tickets, please let me know – kussummahotsav@gmail.com.

I invite all of you to help me with all aspects of the festival, one cup of hot masala chai is on me. I apologize in advance for any errors, mistakes, etc., which may occur inadvertently…….your
kind consideration and accommodation will be greatly appreciated. Seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha!!! My name is Achyut Tope. I am your host. Thank you for your kind support, and welcome to Kussum Mahotsav TSA 2018!!!


Achyut Tope