Anurag Harsh

Anurag Harsh


Anurag Harsh is the national award winner of ITC Sangeet Research Academy’s prestigious All India Music competition. He has given two solo sold out concerts at New York’s Carnegie Hall, the first Indian concert to be streamed from Carnegie in 125 years, watched live by 173,000 viewers, the largest worldwide audience of any Indian classical concert in history.

The video of that concert has now surpassed 3 million views on YouTube and Facebook, and shared over 12,000 times, making it among the most viewed Indian classical music videos. Polished by three decades of rigorous training in Hindustani music, Anurag has developed a voice so thunderous, it reminds listeners of the profound effect on him of Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Gwalior maestro Pandit Chandrakant Apte, his Gurus. Anurag was inducted into music by his mother Asha Kaul, who was also his first Guru.

After completing Sangeet Alankar from Gandharva, he moved to London to study Computer Science and was invited to perform at the Nehru Center and Royal Festival Hall. Subsequently he graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Wharton School and continued to perform domestically in America. Besides a Hindustani vocalist, Anurag has written seven books, over 500 columns for the Huff Post, Forbes and other leading publications and is a known authority on artificial intelligence voted as LinkedIn’s #1 Voice in Technology. “Truly gifted.....reminiscent of Bhimsen Ji. Great voice.......” Karsh Kale “Anurag’s tri-octave taans are perhaps the most powerful that I have ever heard. He possesses a scientia intuitiva only found among the saints. Pure human voice par excellence” Dipali Nag, Ex-Head of ITC Sangeet Research Academy. “Anurag is one of the rare performers whose music effortlessly flows in all three octaves. He creates a trance like atmosphere in which the musician, the music and the listeners are united as one.” Professor Indranath Chaudhary, Director, The Nehru Center London