Hemant Kulkarni

Hemant Kulkarni

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I have been learning and practicing Hindustani Shatstreeya Sangeet for about 40 years and teaching Shastreeya (classical) and Upashastreeya (semi-classical) sangeet to students in New Jersey, USA for about 20 years. Guru’s :

1. Shri. Kailasnath Jaiswal (associate of Shri. Vasant Desai) : Basic Training of vocal music as well as harmonium from the age of 4 to 12 2. Late Pt. S. B. Deshpande of Gwalior Gharana 1995 – 2000 : Khayal gayaki 3. Pt. Suhas Vyas (2003 – 2010) : Khayal, Riyaz techniques, Bandishi of Pt. C.R. Vyas ji. 4. Smt. Smita Wagh (disciple of Pt. Arunji Kashalkar and late Pt. Babanrao Haldankar) – Agra Gharana Khayal gaayki and Bandishi for last 10 years I have also explored a few Raag’s and bandishi on my own and composed a few bandishi, Tarana’s and harmonium solo compositions. Teaching experience

1. Teaching basic to advanced music to children (ages 5 to 17) and adults starting with Svar combinations (Alankars), Taal concepts leading up to Raag Sangeet including primarily Khayals but Dhrupad / Dhamar also.

2. Marathi Natya sangeet : complex Natyageet’s based on Raag’s

3. Harmonium solo and saath sangat

4. Hindi semi-classical songs : taught during the annual summer and winter music camps offered to my students as well as outsiders with basic music training. This involves daily Riyaz of voice culture, gamak, alaap, taan technique and complex Alankar practice Accomplishments

1. My school Svara Sangam has been recognized as an exam center by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya Mandal (ABGMV) of India since 2011 and I have been conducting music exams up to Madhyama II level. Many of my students have been winning top prizes at several music concerts across the U.S. including the recent music contest organized by Pt. Jasraj Institute of Music where Pandit ji himself was one of the judges and showered praise on my students’ talent and taalim (training).

2. I am a regular invitee at the local annual Soor Bahar concert organized by Marathi Vishwa NJ featuring leading musicians in the NJ area.

3. I have presented multiple concerts of Hindustani Shastreeya (classical) and Upa Shastreeya (semi-classical) sangeet as well as Natya sangeet across the U.S. in the last 15 years.

4. I was invited to present a concert at IISER of Pune, India in Feb. 2018. 5. My students and I have presented stage shows such as the annual Basant Bahar in the New Jersey area which have been very well received.





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