Manu Srivastava

Manu Srivastava


Manu Srivastava started his Hindustani Classical Music training in Kanpur at the tender age of 4 under the guidance of Smt. Snigdha Biswas. He later continued his training in Canada and India under gurus such as Smt. Lata Sathe (disciple of Pt. Kumar Gandharva) Smt. Veena Shukla (disciple of Pt. Balwant Rai Bhatt) and Sri Shrikant Lagu (sole disciple of Pt. Sharad Apte of Lahore).

What really changed Srivastava’s outlook on Shastriya Sangeet was his vigorous training under the late Pt. Kashinath Shankar Bodas. Pandit Bodas brought out the best in Manu, inspiring him to refine his music through intense daily riyaz. He mainly acquired his training in the tradition of Gwalior Gharana but a touch of Agra and strong influence Jaipur Gharana can be seen in his khayal gayaki due to his regular training under the tutelage of Vidhushi Padma Talwalkar and Vidhushi Shubhada Paradkar.

Manu Srivastava is the founder of Phoenix Gharana School of Indian Arts in Phoenix, Arizona USA. He teaches Shastriya Sangeet (vocal) to over 200 students in Phoenix, AZ. Many of his students are now making head waves around the world in the music scene. The music world has noticed the excellent talim being given at such young age and that too in USA. He not only performs and teaches, he organizes workshops and concerts in the Phoenix area for visiting artists from India. Many well-known artists including Pt Anindo Chatterjee, Ustad Shahid Pervez, Ustad Ashish Khan, Vidhushi Ashwini Bhide, Vidhushi Padma Talwalkar and Pt. Satish Vyas have performed and given workshops at the school in the recent past. They have applauded the music scene in Phoenix and many have compared it to Pune and Mumbai.

Manu is also the founder of Pt. Kashinath Bodas Festival held annually since 2013. He recently started same festival in his guru’s memory in Pune India. The two day festival was launched in Pune, India on August of 2016 with applaud from all music enthusiasts. The Festival will be continue yearly introducing some upcoming artists as well as established artists. He has also started joint ventures with many organizations across India to promote Classical music amongst youth in other cities besides the major metro cities.

Manu has released many CDs under his name, "Samarpan," "Saanjh," "Pandit Kashinath Bodas Festival Live" to name the most recent ones and now is the founder of label "Phoenix Gharana." A Chemical Engineer by education and a full time International Executive for a MNC based out of USA, Manu continues his adventure in the music world hoping one day it will become his full time life. Raised in Canada and the USA since the age of nine, he has unique understanding of both cultures and is an inspiration to his students. He believes that knowledge is the only way to get the younger generation interested in Shastriya Sangeet and hopes to impart it for many years to come.



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