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Sanhita Nandi

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Smt. Sanhita Nandi is an acclaimed classical vocalist of Kirana Gharana. She received her taleem under the able guidance of the Kirana stalwart, the Late Pandit A. Kanan from Sangeet Research Academy Kolkata. She also received guidance from Pandit Vinayak Torvi. To further enrich the wealth of her Kirana Gayaki and enhance her repertoire of traditional compositions, she came under the advanced tutelage of Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan and continues to hone her fine musical skills under him. Sanhita’s style is characterized by her rich mellifluous voice that elegantly expresses sonority and lyricism with heart wrenching emotive appeal and delightful tranquility.

She continues the rich Kirana tradition of painting music on the large canvass of Vilambit Laya with extremely fine and detailed melodic improvisations. Expression of subtle nuances of musical emotions through moving intonations of lyrics, woven in fresh and original melodic ideas is her forte. Her sargams and swift tanas in faster tempo are as much adorable as her vilambit development of Ragas. Concerts: Sanhita Nandi has performed all over the world at premier classical music festivals and concerts.

Her virtuosity has been greatly appreciated in Indian prime festivals such as the Tansen Sangeet Samaroha in Gwalior, Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Sammelan in Pune, Annual Saptak Sangeet Sammelan in Ahmedabad, The Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan in Jalandhar, Laxmi Narayan Sangeet Samaroha in Amritsar, National Music Festival in Dharwad (memory of Dr. Mallikarjun Mansur), Tabla Nawaz Ustad Shaik Dawood Trust in Hyderabad, Ustad Rahmat Khan Sangeet Sammelan in Dharwad, Sur Festival in Kolkata, Samrat Sangeet Sammelan in Goa, Gururao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha in Bangalore, and others.

She is also recognized internationally through her resonant performances at prestigious events such as the Annenberg center in Philadelphia, Chhandayan All night concert in New York, Learn Quest Classical Music conference in Boston, World Music Festival in Chicago, Arohi Classical Music festival in Toronto, Philadelphia CrossRoad Music festival, Bahamas Classical Music Festival, Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Raag Mala concerts at Calgary & Edmonton (Canada), various classical organizations in UK, Belgium, Netherlands and France. In addition, she has been invited to several prestigious universities in USA such as MIT, Cornell University, Drexel University, Georgia Tech, UPenn, and Rutgers to name a few. Her debut title song based on Bhairavi in a movie was shortlisted in the original song category for the Oscar 88th Academy Awards. Album Released: Serenity More details:



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