Astha Shukla

Astha Shukla


Ms. Astha Shukla started receiving initial training in Hindustani Classical music at a very early age from her mother Dr. Smt Veena Pani Shukla, who is herself a very learned musician with a PhD in music from Banaras Hindu University. Astha also received additional training under Lt. Pt. Kashinath Shankar Bodas of Kanpur.

After his untimely demise, Astha continued her training under the illustrious and renowned vocalist of Gwalior Gharana, Dr. Smt.Veena Sahasrabuddhe. All these teachers and mentors have helped Astha to develop versatility and shape her distinct style. Apart from familiarizing her with the basics, Astha's mother Veena Pani ji instilled in her, a lifelong love for Indian Music in its various forms ranging from classical to light. After noticing Astha's interest in semi-classical music, Veena Pani ji gave her additional guidance in understanding and expressing the flavor of Thumri gayaki.

Astha has performed at various venues in the USA, like IAPA, Marathi Vishwa and ePrasaran (live radio in CA) to name a few. During her trips to India, she has performed at many venues in Pune, Mumbai, Kanpur, Jaipur and more. Apart from being a gifted performer, Astha is the founder of Swar Veena school of music in New Jersey which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. The school is devoted to preserving and propagating the rich legacy of Hindustani music through classes, workshops, and presentations. It is Astha's hope to pass along her love and appreciation of this creative art form to her students, listeners and other music enthusiasts.





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