Samar Saha

Samar Saha

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Born and raised in Kolkata, Samar Saha showed great promise at a very young age. Samar's initial training started at a very tender age under the guidance of his father Sri Sudhansu Bhusan Saha and brother Sri Tarak Saha, who was himself a Tabla player of repute. His formal training started under the tutelage of Sri Satchidananda Goswami and then flowered under the able guidance of Sri Krishna Kumar Ganguly (Natubabu) of Banaras Gharana. A highly sought-after Tabla accompanist, Samar has had the privilege of accompanying almost all the top ranking artists of Hindustani vocal and instrumental music.

Frequently featured on All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan, Samar has participated in all prestigious music conferences in India. Samar has performed on the Tabla in several foreign countries as well, like Germany, USA and UK. Samar Saha is a full-time senior faculty member of ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, since its very inception in 1978. He has toured the USA many times with ITC-SRA musicians. According to Prakash Wadhera, a well-known music critic, "ITC is extremely fortunate in having the services of ace tabla player Samar Saha. Effortless and unobtrusive, Samar seems to have attained the very perfection in the art of rhythmic accompaniment.."







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