Ramya Ramnarayan

Ramya Ramnarayan


Smt Ramya is an accomplished Bharathanatyam performer, choreographer, and educator whose extraordinary mastery of the ancient Indian dance form has catapulted her into becoming a pioneer of the art of Bharatanatyam. Ramya employs a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and adaptability, which has allowed her to carve her own niche among the leading dancers from India and America alike. Ramya’s dance training began at the early age of four, and over the years she has trained with some of the most established and illustrious educators in the field of Bharathanatyam, including Guru Kalaimamani-Rajarathnam Pillai and Padmabushan Smt Kalaanidhi Narayanan.

Ramya had the unique opportunity to diversify her training under Dr. Padma Subramanyam on the theoretical aspects of the art. Her varied training has allowed for her to use inspiration from both classic themes and stories stemming from Indian mythology, as well as create collaborations with various dance forms, from American Jazz to Thai classical dance. Smt. Ramya combines the elegance, grace and suppleness of the Vazhavoor School with the distinctive ability to express all shades of emotion with sensitivity and intuition. Ramya is the Artistic Director of Nrithyanjali Institute of Dance and trains aspiring students in North Brunswick, NJ.

She served as an adjunct professor in the Dance Dept. of Rutgers University and visits various Universities and colleges as a guest lecturer. Coming this fall, she will be an adjunct professor of Bharatanatyam at Sara Lawrence College, NY. Many of her disciples have become torchbearers of the tradition and have been performing with Nrithyanjali since its inception in 1990. The New Jersey State Council on the arts, recognized her dedication to the art form with a grant under the Master-Apprenticeship program. Guru Ramya has received many accolades. The Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey have passed a joint resolution recognizing her for her commitment, dedication and achievement in the art.

The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation has awarded her the prestigious Artist Fellowship Award for Choreography in recognition of her creative talent. Ramya has been appointed by the Governor of New Jersey to the Board of Trustees for the Asian American Study Foundation. The expert committee of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations has selected Ramya for empanelment in the Council’s Reference Panel of Artists to perform abroad. She has received international recognition as well. Ramya has won the much coveted “Kalaimamani” and “Nadanamamani” titles which are among the highest honor conferred upon a performing artist in India. She has received a special award from the Cleveland Cultural Alliance, the honorable title of Nrithya-Sevaa-Mani. Recently Ramya Ramnarayan has been selected by Government of India as the top graded Bharatanatyam performing artist.






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