Aasha Yeluri

Aasha Yeluri

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Like her brother Akshay, Aasha also grew up with the Indian Classical arts, especially Kuchipudi Dance and Carnatic music. She started formal training in Kuchipudi at the young age of five under the guidance of her mother, Guru Smt Divya Yeluri, performing and winning awards at competitions/events hosted by local social organizations, charitable nonprofits, and religious centers & cultural groups (Shruti Laya, Zalak, Cleveland Aradhana, Chennai Music Festival).

She has also participated four times in the biennial Silicon Andhra International Kuchipudi convention held in Hyderabad, India, and has contributed on all these occasions to achieving the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Kuchipudi dance performance. More recently, she even performed at the White House for Asian American Heritage Month. As a young Kuchipudi dancer, Aasha played many roles in well-known Kuchipudi Dance Dramas such as ‘Satya Bhama’ in Sri Krishna Parijatham, ‘Young Goda’ in Goda Ranganadheeyam, ‘Little Krishna’ in Venkateshwara Vaibhavam, ‘Parvathi’ in Shiva Padam, and ‘Young Lalitha’ & ‘Parvathi’ in the recent dance Drama Lalitha Parameswari. She has already been awarded the titles of "Natya Prabha" and "Natya Bharathi” for her Solo Performances in India. Recently, in the summer of 2017, Aasha, along with her brother Akshay, completed her Rangapravesham (a 3 hour Kuchipudi recital/graduation).

As a budding Carnatic vocalist, Aasha has given a few concerts in the tri-state area, has won prizes in multiple venues, and has been selected to take part in concerts at the Cleveland Aradhanas like Sustaining Sampradaya and Thaka Dhimi Thakita. Aasha is an incoming freshman at John P. Stevens High School, and, aside from her interest in STEM subjects, is very involved in musical theatre: she was chosen to attend the Arts Middle School Musical Theater Program at Middlesex County College, and has also starred in her school’s theater productions, as both “Young Nala” in the Lion King and “Jasmine” in Aladdin.







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