Neel Nadkarni

Neel Nadkarni


NEEL is a SaReGaMaPa finalist who strives to accomplish his goals and dreams by mastering the artistry of music. NEEL is an Indian-American singer born and raised in the US. He is a uniquely diverse artist who has been classically trained in and can relate to both Western and Eastern music.
Through his music, he loves combining elements from both sides to create something rare and beautiful that people have never heard before. Using his talent to sing in various languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Italian, and Spanish, NEEL can translate his emotions and feelings to appeal to a very wide audience. 

NEEL is also a humanitarian who has compassion for underprivileged kids and wants to utilize his music to help them. He is part of an organization called Lions Club, in which they are working to help children in need of food and medical aid. In addition to singing and performing, Neel enjoys composing and writing music for others. He has composed and co-produced for a Marathi film and is also working on several projects for independent artists.






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